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Precise Micropore Composite Screen(PMC)

The PMC screen consists of the parent tube, composite sand control filter mantle, stainless steel exterior protective sleeve, etc. from inside to outside. The parent tube adopts the API standard casing or tubing and the sand control filter mantle is made of stainless steel fine microporous composite filter material adopting a fully welded configuration. Featuring on high permeability, high strength, high anti-deformability, high reliability and high resistance to corrosion, the composite sand control filter mantle is a new efficient technical product of mechanical sand control
Product Characteristics
■    Double precision design of sand control mantle: the external protective sleeve adopts punched mantle to filtrate large sand particles with the internal sleeve being a multilayer composite sand control filtering layer. The filtering precision is optimally designed according to the stratum sand size distribution. The structure not only ensures sand control reliability, it also improves the anti-clogging ability of the liner;
■    External protective sleeve with bridge-type lateral flow hole: during the running in and operation process, it can well protect the filtering layer and effectively avoid direct erosion and damage caused by the fluid to the filtering layer so as to prolong the service life;
■    Multilayer composite sand control filtering layer;
■    Adopting multilayer 316L stainless steel fine microporous composite sand control filters with high reliability of sand control and high resistant capacity to destruction;
■    Large filtering area: 3 to 5 times larger than slotted screen and wire wrapped screen with low flow resistance and high productivity;
■    Stable filter opening and high anti-deformability: sand control performance unchanged when radical deformation reaches 40% which is in compliance with the operating requirement of horizontal wells;
■    Even filter openings, high permeability, strong anti-plugging ability and easy to backwash;
■    One-piece filter casing ring design: minimizes weld times between the filter structure and the base pipe, thus, decreasing the welding impact on the overall intensity of liner;
■    Changeable filtering structure design of liner: according to the actual condition of stratum, a combination application of various filter materials can be realized to meet the field usage requirement to the greatest extent;
■    The exterior diameter is less than that of the casing coupling of the same specification possessing excellent running in performance.

The sand and gravel can not easily block the slot because of the special bridge design, it has great mechanical strength and water entering capacity. Meanwhile, it use steel punching technology and rolled in many ways, so it is light, cheap and easily operating. We use CNC to punch, so the slot can change as your requirements. In order to give customers more convenience, we can offer any diameter screens, we also offer galvanized ones to prolong the operational life.

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