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Metal safety grating

Grip Strut serrated surfaces provide adequate traction, in all directions, in practically every place. This non-slip product is ideal inside
and outside, where mud, ice, snow, oil or detergents create hazards for employees.
Common applications for Grip Strut safety metal grating are commercial and industrial walkways and stair treads.

Traction Tread metal grating for steel flooring, planks and ladder rungs features a surface with hundreds of perforated
buttons that provide slip resistance in all directions, making it a practical choice for industrial applications,
such as walkways and stair treads.Traction Tread is an ADA compliant product

Perf-O Grip is a one-piece metal planktype grating manufactured into the shape of a channel
by a cold forming process.
The web of the channel is the walking surface and has large debossed holes, surrounded by smaller embossed
traction buttons.
Common applications are commercial and industrial walkways and stair treads.

Materials: Galvanized Steel ,Carbon steel , Aluminum plate, Stainless steel plate


Description: It has very good skid resistance and high-grade and beautiful
High slip resistance;
Low maintenance, long service life.
Aesthetic appearance generous;
Light but stong strength; Easy to carry and install.

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